what to expect when we work together…

Classical…ish Homeopathy

I am trained in classical homeopath & used this strictly for about 6 years. This is the use of one remedy – a similimum – at a time, to completely uproot all of the conditions and complaints in a case. I am not a strict classical homeopath anymore. I have evolved and believe that in this day & age, with all that our bodies go through and are up against, we can uproot conditions quicker and more effectively with the use of multiple remedies and more frequent dosing. Some cases I do still go the classical route, but regardless I still use and employ much of what I have learnt as a classical homeopath throughout the years and individualize each case to the unique needs of each client.

Practical Homeopathy / Protocols

Banjeri protocols: In 2021-2022 I took further training in the Banerji protocols. I use a lot of these protocols throughout my cases, if they are a good fit to the individual. I’ve seen great success because of them! This is a great blog to read to learn more.

This is a great blog dispelling common myths of the Banerji protocols.

I may also include detox protocols if applicable or organ support remedies or various others I’ve learned over the years, if they are the best fit to your unique experience.

Cell salts

If you follow me on Instagram or have read through any of my blogs, you know I love cell salts and use them frequently – working with me 1:1 you can expect them at some point as well. Please read this blog for a brief overview.

flower essences and gemmotherapy

Flower essences: a plant therapy that uses extracts to provide emotional and mind-body support.

Gemmotherapy: a plant therapy that uses the embryological tissues of plants to enhance organ function, facilitate tissue regeneration and promote drainage.

I might suggest the use of these along your journey to health.

Liz Lalor Fertility Protocol

I am trained in the Liz Lalor Fertility Program & often use this method for couples visiting for fertility treatment. For more about the fertility protocol, please head to this page.

Mindset training & nervous system support

I went through my own health crisis beginning in early 2022. During this time I learned A LOT, especially about the nervous system and the power of our mindset. If it fits, I love to weave that through our time together as I find that it helps the remedies to reach an even deeper level, or at the very least remove an obstacle to cure.


This is what I use to run my practice online! You will book, pay, attend the appointment (HIPPA compliant), and even look at remedy schedules here (all extremely secure). It will send you appointment reminders and it is where you will find new patient forms. It’s like my virtual assistant! If you have any issues with the process, please send me an email.