Using Homeopathy and Essential Oils Together

Did you know that essential oils (among other items) have the power to antidote a homeopathic remedy (ie it won’t work!)?! Read on and discover how to go about using homeopathy and essential oils together, effectively.

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When actively using a homeopathic remedy (for example, you’re coming down with a cold and are dosing yourself frequently), it is important to leave a buffer of time in between the use of the remedy and the use of your essential oils. It is also important to not store homeopathic remedies and essential oils in the same location!

It is the strong scents that you need to be most careful with.

what should i avoid?

Those oils with strong scents would be:

  • eucalyptus
  • tea tree
  • peppermint
  • oregano
  • camphor
  • (and any blends that include the above)

You do not need to completely avoid the above oils, but I like to leave a buffer of at least a couple hours. I am referring to smelling the full strength oil, and the use of the oil on your body.

What about other essential oils not on your list?

Single essential oils and blends that do not include the strong oils above should be ok to continue using while taking a homeopathic remedy. I would still advise a window of 15 minutes between each one, just to be safe.

Can I continue to use my diffuser?

Diffusing of essential oils is thought to be fine to continue as the essential oils are not in full strength. I do still leave a time buffer for the strong ones though!

what other items should I avoid, other than essential oils?

Other items that can antidote a homeopathic remedy are:

  • camphor-containing products such as tiger balm or Vicks vapour rub
  • mint and mint-containing products such as toothpastes and mouthwashes
  • electric blankets

what’s a person to do?!

If you are ill and you must use one of the above items, give the homeopathic remedy time to act first.

If you notice an improvement in symptoms and then you crawl back under your electric blanket only to start to feel worse again, put the electric blanket aside for the day and take another dose of the remedy (if self dosing at home for an acute condition). Same goes for the other items!

You can also just avoid the items all together while you’re using a remedy.

For instance, keep some toothpaste on hand that isn’t mint (my kids love orange). Then you don’t have to worry about the mint toothpaste cancelling out the homeopathic remedy you give them before bed for a nagging cough, night terrors, etc.

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  1. JESSICA says

    All of my kids have strep throat or similar infection. I only have access to 30c doses of homeopathy remedies. Are these strong enough to get them through without antibiotics? I have merc sol, phytolaca, hepar sulph, kali phos, and byronia all 30c and belladonna 200 ck. This is the first time I am using homeopathy and did pay for a consult via homeopathy 24/7 to get started. Thanks for any insight you share.

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