top homeopathic remedies for the Stomach FLU

Stomach flu, tummy bug, gastroenteritis, the flu. It goes by many names! Have your natural arsenal ready, including these top homeopathic remedies, for when this dreaded illness hits your home.

Remember that you do not need to be experiencing all of the symptoms listed below each remedy for it to be the one for you. Try to pick the remedy that best fits the symptoms you (or the person you are caring for) are experiencing. You also do not need to know if it certainly is the flu, what strain, etc. If you’re experiencing nausea, stomach pain, vomiting or diarrhea, read on…

This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. See my full disclaimer here. In the event of an emergency or if you are concerned about your health or the health of the person you are caring for, always seek the help of a health care provider, call your local health link, or head to the emergency room. Watch closely for signs of dehydration, especially in children.

Aconite (-um nappelus)

Complete transparency, I’ve had this blog pending for a long time just needing to finish it up. I had not originally included Aconite! It’s not a “typical” stomach flu remedy. But wow I’ve seen it work some stomach flu magic this season.

  • if the stomach flu comes on very suddenly with not much else for symptoms, consider Aconite
  • there might also be anxiousness


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • diarrhea with a sudden need to go, especially out of nowhere in the morning
  • involuntary stool when passing gas (… shart, anyone? lol)
  • mucousy poops, or poop mixed with lumps
  • poops are sputtering and gurgling
  • might have an accompanying headache, better from a cool cloth

Arsenicum album

This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • fearful or anxious while vomiting
  • burning pains in the stomach or when vomit is coming up
  • burning, watery diarrhea (possibly at the same time as vomiting) – bum feels burning afterwards too
  • very thirsty for sips of drinks; however, food & drink is vomited immediately
  • the person is chilly, weak, restless, anxious and fearful, especially when left alone
  • *also#1 to consider in food poisonings*


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • intense stomach pains, better from pressure – might lay right on stomach or bend over
  • stomach pains feel like cutting or very bad cramps or contractions; better from warmth, worse food & drink
  • diarrhea relieves cramps for a short while; may vomit from the intense pain
  • restlessness from the pain


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • extreme nauseous, even right after vomiting; lots of spitting
  • no relief of nausea from vomiting
  • vomiting is worse from eating and drinking
  • might have abdominal pains and cramping
  • green poos
  • little to no thirst

Nux vomica

This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • there is a desire or feeling of needing to vomit, but cannot – possibly lots of gagging
  • once puking finally happens, there is relief
  • cramping or sharp pains in tummy, worse from eating and better from pooping
  • frequent diarrhea that is brown or mucousy; sometimes urging to go and nothing comes
  • person is often chilly, sensitive, snappy and irritable


Also not often thought of as a stomach flu medicine! If this is the only remedy that you have, give it a try. It can sometimes shorten the duration and relieve some symptoms associated with the stomach flu. Be prepared for next time though and stock up on some of the above & below remedies!


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • burning stomach pains
  • very thirsty for cold drinks
  • vomiting drinks as soon as they’re warmed in the stomach (ex, after a min or 2)
  • vomiting soon after eating
  • might have accidental poops that just ooze out uncontrollably
  • stomach feels weak and starving & it keeps person awake all night
  • anxious when alone; needs reassurance; weakness, restlessness


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • lots of diarrhea that is sputtering; can be explosive (getting the whole toilet)
  • stomach gurgles when you need to go
  • poop might be watery, frothy, terribly smelly, yellow, mucousy or even bloody
  • might because weak or faint after diarrhea; cold sweating

Veratrum album

This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • excessive & violent diarrhea and vomiting (usually taking place at the same time!) – ejects forcefully
  • vomiting might be projectile
  • cramps and bloating in the belly (temporarily relieved by diarrhea)
  • diarrhea looks like rice water, or watery and green
  • cold body, cold sweat and deep exhaustion
  • extremely thirsty for cold water, or ice cubes

cell salts for the stomach flu

MAG PHOS 6X: for stomach pains, cramping & spasms

NAT SULPH 6X: for general nausea, vomiting; helps the body to remove wastes

Wondering how to use them? I often take put them in the person’s water. Every time they’re taking a sip, they get a dose. The homeopathic remedy chosen above is given separately. Or you can just give the cell salts!

When the acute vomit &/or diarrhea is over…

China (aka Cinchona)

A very valuable remedy for after the loss of bodily fluids. I use this two times a day for a few days to help the body recover and gain back strength. There is usually some level of tiredness or exhaustion. Also great for leftover symptoms like painless diarrhea and stomach bloating.


For weakness, extreme tiredness, dizziness, heavy limbs, etc that can come on at the tail end of a sickness.

kali mur & nat mur 6X

to replenish electrolytes. Which completely makes sense as Kali mur is from the potassium family & Nat mur is salt! If all you have is the 12 cell salt combo, that’ll be great too. I add to the individual’s drink!

How often do I take the remedy?

If you are new to homeopathy, I recommend reading this post to learn a bit more about homeopathic remedies and how often you administer them.

As a baseline – during the stomach flu, you’ll most often be using the 30C potency (aka strength), as often as it’s needed. That can be hard to make sense of, so here’s a real life example…

It was just another evening; I was in an appointment (at home) & my husband was with the kids, encouraging everyone to finish dinner and get into PJs. My daughter didn’t have a huge appetite, but there was an incentive for everyone to finish their plates so she went back to the table to shovel the rest in. At that same time, I was finishing up, heard a commotion, so went out to join the bunch. I found my husband at the table rubbing my daughter’s back as she finished emptying the contents of her stomach. The boys were watching wide-eyed at a safe distance on the couch. We got her and the scene cleaned up, got everyone else to bed and kept her on the couch for a bit incase there was more, and to ask her some questions. I asked her some questions to determine a remedy and there was nothing unusual to report. It came on so suddenly and unexpectedly, I just gave Aconite 200 on a whim and we tucked her into bed. She fell asleep instantly and for a solid 4 hours (good signs). When she woke in the night to vomit, that is when I would re-dose a remedy (after the vomiting was done). In my sleepiness, I jumped around to different remedies for a bit, just trying to get us some decent sleep. After being up every 30-60 mins for a few rounds, she sweetly said to me, “mom, can you please give me the first remedy again??” So I did. And that was the end of it.

I hope that was a lesson for you in sticking with a remedy, and a helpful example of how to follow the symptoms to dose in an acute situation.

Other stomach bug tips

Other than keeping the aforementioned remedies on hand, there are other ways you can prepare yourself for this un-welcomed visitor!

  • My friend Elizabeth (@purelyparsons on Instagram; taught me to keep designated trash cans lined and ready to go (we keep one under every bathroom sink), and activated charcoal and grape juice in the pantry at all times. Intrigued? Read her post here!
  • Remember that anyone ill should stick to a bland diet (ex, BRAT) – if they choose to eat at all. Regularly encourage fluids. Even if the person throws them right back up, they will absorb something. Especially in children, dehydration is what you’re trying to avoid as it can set in very quickly. Sipping on some salted broth is an excellent way to soothe the stomach and hit dehydration head on with electrolytes.
  • Ginger tea is a favourite of mine for calming nausea and the accompanying anxiousness that can oftentimes accompany symptoms.
OK, one last thing…

When YOU are the one that is sick, it is exceptionally hard to narrow down the correct remedy. Know that even the most seasoned homeopaths lean on their own homeopath when they are sick, tired and not thinking correctly. If you need help – book an acute appointment! Watch for acute availability on my site soon, but always has someone available to help.

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