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homeopathic remedies for your sore throat

Maybe your throat feels scratchy and sore as you feel an illness setting in, or maybe you are in the thick of an illness and your throat pain is just killing you, I’ve got the remedies for that! I suffered from a lot of throat issues as a kid, but I hadn’t had a truly…

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Homeopathy for Morning Sickness

Ok folks we’re diving in to the most highly requested topic … homeopathy for use in pregnancy. Where else to start but the beginning! This blog will be all about homeopathy for morning sickness. Unfortunately after a blissful first week (or two if you’re lucky) of pregnancy, most women get hit with what’s known as…

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Homeopathy for Insomnia

This blog post will lay out 15 of the most common remedies in homeopathy for insomnia that can help you get to sleep easier, sleep more soundly and wake up well rested. This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. See my full disclaimer here. In the event of an emergency or if…

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Homeopathy for Cough

This post on homeopathy for cough is the third in a series about how to use homeopathy at home in simple sicknesses. I am breaking down common remedies over every day topics to show how the same remedy can be used in a variety of needs, but also to make homeopathy more user friendly and…

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Remedy Spotlight : Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies, and is usually the one that introduces someone to homeopathy. I want to shine the spotlight on this remedy so that those who may have bought it for childbirth (for example), know that they can bring it back out when their toddler gets a goose…

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