Homeopathy for First aid

Holistic First Aid : A homeopath’s approach

Learn how to use homeopathy for first aid! This guidebook was created with those new to homeopathy in mind. First aid is a great way to get introduced to homeopathy. The choosing of remedies is quite straight forward and the results are often rapid.

However, this is a valuable guide even for those who have been using homeopathy forever. When we are under the stress of a first aid situation or event it is common to forget (or question) all we know and this quick guide will be an easy to reference helping hand for you.

This guidebook includes remedies to help with common first aid events. Topics include:

Allergic reactions & Anaphylaxis, Bites & Stings, Broken bones, Bumps & Bruises, Burns, Concussion & Head injury, Cuts & Scrapes, Dehydration, Food poisoning, Foreign objects in the body (ex, slivers, stingers), Motion sickness, Over exertion & Muscle soreness, Pulled muscles, Rashes, Shock, Sprains & Strains, Sunburn, Sunstroke and Whiplash.

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