Remedy Spotlight : Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies, and is usually the one that introduces someone to homeopathy. I want to shine the spotlight on this remedy so that those who may have bought it for childbirth (for example), know that they can bring it back out when their toddler gets a goose egg.

Arnica is made from the plant Leopard’s Bane. Common feelings in the body when it is called for are feeling bruised, beaten and sore.

You may already have this remedy in your medicine cabinet, but do you know when to grab it? If you don’t yet have it, I hope this post inspires you to pick some up. You will not regret that! ⠀

Arnica is valuable in reducing pain and swelling, helping the body to reabsorb blood and to deal with shock. Some refer to it as “the aspirin of homeopathy for injuries.”

everyday uses for Arnica:

• Arthritis: parts feel sore + bruised, worse to the touch. Pains symmetrical⠀

• Back pain: soreness, as if bruised or beaten⠀

• Black eyes⠀

• Childbirth: labour pains weak or ceasing; labour pains are violent yet ineffective. Any birth trauma

• Dental work: soreness of gums after tooth extraction, fillings, or other procedures⠀

• Dislocated joints ⠀

• First aid: injuries that bruise, or feel bruised + tender⠀

• Muscle aches: take post workout/ exertion if feeling sore/heaviness, or take prior to prevent stiffness ⠀

• Eye overwork/ strain: eyes feel bruised + sore, tired + weary after reading or screen time⠀

• Headache: sore, bruised, crushing pain ⠀

• Jet lag⠀

• Postpartum: feels sore + bruised after labour. After pains that are worse when breastfeeding. Sore nipples with breastfeeding. Can help to shorten length of bleeding time. Take post c-section for quicker healing. ⠀

• Sickness: with much aching and soreness, if body feels bruised and beaten ⠀

• Sleep: sleepless + restless when overtired; constant desire to change position⠀

• Sprains + strains⠀

• Surgery: pre + post to reduce pain, swelling + help body to reabsorb blood.⠀

• Teething: sore, swollen, painful gums⠀

It’s almost always out on rotation in our house! Stiff legs after a spin class? Arnica! Child #1 took a spill off of their bike? Arnica! Child #2 fell off of the trampoline? Arnica! Child #3 did a face plant while trying to keep up with #1 & 2? Arnica! …are you seeing a theme here?

Next time you’re achy, sore, in pain, or any of the above, make it your go-to for relief.

I will on occasion throw in more of these spotlights – let me know in the comments if there’s a certain remedy that you’d like to know more about.

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  1. Marissa says

    Thank you for sharing!! My littles are always taking tumbles and my oldest is always saying she’s sore. So I’ll definitely be purchasing this! ☺️

  2. Michelle Marykuca says

    Wondering if there is a different amount of the pellets to take between adults, kids, under 1? There isn’t any info regarding kids on my capsule of arnica. Thanks!

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