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Fevers are your friend! Many mamas fear a fever, and it’s important to remember that a fever (in a healthy person) is typically an important immune response to fight off a bug. In this post I will share an alternative to traditional fever reducers: homeopathic remedies for kids fevers using the ABCs & more!

Watch your child carefully – more on the symptoms and how they are presenting to you, less on the number on the thermometer. Always keeping an eye out for anything that may be unusual.

Remember that this blog is for informational purposes only. Consult with your health care provider.

How does homeopathy work for a fever?

When the correct homeopathic remedy is chosen, it will give the body the support that it needs to fight through the fever and get to the other side. It will shorten the duration of the illness (aka your child will heal quicker).

Sometimes after a remedy is given, the temperature actually goes up. Don’t panic! Has anything else happened? Has the child calmed down? Did they fall asleep? It could be that the body needed a higher temperature to beat those bad guys (can you hear my mom voice?).

The ABC remedies for fevers

This is just a fun way to help you remember that these remedies may be useful. They aren’t the only homeopathic remedies to think of for fever though – so I’ll fill in more of the fever alphabet below 🙂

And since many will wonder – these remedies are helpful for every age, if the symptoms fit the picture you are seeing.

If you’re new to homeopathy, please read some information for beginners here and here.

A is for Aconitum napellus

This remedy may be useful for the fever if:

  • the fever came on in the middle of the night
  • the fever suddenly spiked (went up)
  • during the fever, one cheek is red and the other is pale, or the face alternates between being pale and red
  • the child is scared or anxious
  • the fever came on after getting chilled or being in the wind

*usually used in the early stages of a fever, not typically after the first 24 hours*

B is for Belladonna

This remedy may be useful for the fever if:

  • the fever is very high
  • there is a lot of redness (ex, in the mouth, cheeks, eyes, ears, etc.)
  • glassy (shiny) eyes
  • heat is radiating from the body with cold hands and feet
  • there’s a bad headache (wants a dark room)
  • the child is possibly delirious or agitated
  • twitching may come and go

C is for Chamomilla

This remedy may be useful for the fever if:

  • the child has a fever and is also teething
  • the fever is low-medium grade
  • the child is very irritable
  • the child asks for something and then rejects it when offered
  • walking around calms the child
  • one cheek is red

More important remedies…

Arsenicum album

This remedy may be useful for the fever if:

  • the fever spikes between midnight and 3am
  • the child is restless and anxious
  • the child is cold and wants to be covered even though the fever is high
  • the child wants frequent sips of liquid (warm is preferred)
  • the child may also vomit or have diarrhea


This remedy may be useful for the fever if:

  • the fever is low-medium grade
  • the child must lie very still
  • the child is quite grumpy/irritable
  • the fever comes and goes
  • there is also a headache

Ferrum phosphoricum

*See Cell Salt section at end of this blog post, as that’s how I use this remedy in fevers*


This remedy may be useful for the fever if:

  • the fever is low-medium grade
  • the child is very weak and VERY sleepy
  • there is a headache
  • the skin may be clammy
  • the child is twitching, trembling or shaky

oscillococcinum by Boiron

If you’re unsure of what else to give, this remedy may be supportive in your child’s fever.

You may also choose to use this preventatively for anyone not ill when someone in your home has a fever/the flu.


This remedy may be useful for the fever if:

  • the child is very emotional, whiny and does not like to be left alone
  • there is a headache that may change locations
  • they feel worse in a warm room and much better by an open window or if taken for a walk
  • the child is not thirsty

I have a past blog post that you can jump over to here, talking about fevers and flus with more remedies listed. The remedies discussed in that blog post can also be used for children and adults alike!

Febrile seizures

Febrile seizures are a reason why fevers make some parents uneasy. Especially if a child has a history of them, or you have witnessed one before. I’ve been there with my daughter. It’s an awful experience.

We are told that febrile seizures happen due to the speed at which a fever rises or falls, and in some cases because of a very high temperature. But the truth is, no one currently knows why exactly they happen. And it’s important to note that fever reducers will not stop them from occurring. Often the febrile seizure is the first sign that your child is sick! You can read more about febrile seizures here and here.

After my daughter had her febrile seizure, we were told it’s “normal” for some kids. That it may happen again or it may not and that for sure by 6 years old she will have grown out of them.

But that did sit right with me. There had to be a root cause. Why did this happen to some children and not others??

action plan…

A great first step is to meet with a classical homeopath to find the child a constitutional remedy that will cover the experience of the seizure and the susceptibility.

I also came across this blog post by Ashley Everly. She talks about using a protocol of supplements to prevent febrile seizures and it makes so much sense! I urge you to read it and arm yourself with the knowledge.

Instead of using traditional supplements like Ashley discusses, I use homeopathic cell salts. Alternating every hour, I give Mag phos 6X and Calc phos 6X. I also use whatever homeopathic remedy fits the symptom picture, as needed.

If you’re a parent and have witnessed a febrile seizure, I encourage aconite for shock, and possibly ignatia if you are dealing with some PTSD.

Cell salts for fever

Cell salts are homeopathically prepared inorganic mineral compounds essential to our health. Dr. Schuessler (the founder) states that deficiencies in these minerals are the source of common health problems and complaints. The cell salts stimulate the body to help restore mineral imbalances & heal.

Any of the cell salts can be used as a support for the body alongside a different remedy from the previous lists. I incorporate the calc & mag phos a couple times per day for those not prone to febrile seizures, but to help replenish stores lost.


  • is known as the restorative cell salt; aids in recovery
  • used in seizure protocol, and also at the end of the fever to help the body recover


  • used for fevers that develop slowly, with no specific symptoms
  • is an anti inflammatory and accelerates healing


  • eases pain
  • called the anti-spasmodic and nerve-relaxant cell salt

*this cell salt is known to act faster if taken in a small glass of warm water

Nat Sulph 6X

  • typically taken alongside ferrum phos as long as fever is present

kali sulph 6x

  • can be taken to promote perspiration and to break the fever
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