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Your body knows exactly how to be well. Let’s get you back on track.

I can’t wait to help you along in your health journey!

*All appointments are held online on Jane.app; this allows Jill to work with clients all over the world. The Jane calendar is listed in MST/MDT (Jill’s timezone) – simply google “MST time now” to see the difference between your own time zone and adjust.*

Women’s Initial appointment (1 hour): $275 CAD (~$200 US)

Jill will take your complete health history and will thoroughly review your symptoms, concerns and complaints. After the appointment, Jill spends time making up an individualized treatment plan just for you.

As noted, I am a homeopath that specializes in women’s health. I will sometimes take on children and men’s cases, if the mother or wife is already a client. Please make sure you have talked to me before booking these appointments. 

This price does not include remedies.

Fertility appointment (2 hours): $600 CAD (~$450 US)

Jill is trained in the Liz Lalor Fertility Protocol. She will take the full case of both partners (*see below) & will create a remedy schedule to boost fertility. We will meet monthly for a maximum of 6 months.

This appointment includes email correspondence with questions or concerns in between appointments and the first follow up.

*If your partner is unwilling to participate in an appointment OR you know from testing that they have no issues affecting achieving a successful pregnancy and are not interested in homeopathic care, simply book a women’s initial appointment.

This price does not include remedies, but you will be advised where to purchase them.

Follow up appointment (30 minutes): $100 CAD (~$75 US)

After your appointment, you will be advised to book a follow up appointment anywhere from 4-8 weeks following your initial appointment, and subsequent follow-ups, to track your¬†progress. We will review happenings since our last meeting and evaluate all that we’ve discussed in previous appointments to make a path forward.

Please book your follow up in advance so that we can stay on the schedule and on top of all the goings on in your life and health.

This price does not include remedies, but you will be advised where to purchase them.

Acute appointment (20 mins): $70 CAD (~$50 us)

(for current clients only)

This type of appointment is for you if you have an illness such as the cold or flu,  have an infection, are pre/post surgery, have recent trauma, are postpartum and have sudden onset things goin on… basically any acute illness or event. I will spend around 20 minutes gathering all symptoms and choosing an appropriate remedy. Book here if you are NOT EXPERIENCING AN EMERGENCY.

This price does not include remedies, but you will be recommended on where to purchase them.

appointment availability:

If there is no availability or you absolutely cannot make the available times work – shoot me an email at jill@herhomeopathy.ca and I’ll see if I can squeeze you in elsewhere.


Payment is made upon booking your appointment, through Jane App on your credit card. If you need to pay via email transfer or Paypal, please let me know and I will help you with that.


If you need to cancel your appointment, you will be reimbursed the appointment fee. If you late cancel (within 24 hours), you will be charged a fee to the credit card on file.


Some Extended Health Care packages cover homeopathic treatment. Please check the details on your coverage. If your provider does not currently cover homeopathic treatment please inform them that you would like to see homeopathic appointments covered in the future. Homeopathic treatment is one of the most cost effective medical treatments available.


You will be required to fill out intake forms before your initial appointment. These detailed intake forms are important as they help me to prepare for your appointment and gather important information for your case. Please answer as thoughtfully and accurately as possible. This must be done before we meet. They will be emailed to you through Jane.app after you book your first.

You are also required to sign a consent form and a jurisdiction waiver (if outside Alberta, Canada) prior to all initial and acute appointments.

Time zone:

Appointments are booked in the Mountain Standard Time, Edmonton, Canada/North America. Please ensure you know our correct appointment time. If you are late, it shortens precious, needed time together. If you miss your appointment, a 50% appointment charge is kept.