How to Make a SUPERFOOD Latte

Making changes in your life can be intimidating and overwhelming, but these easy upgrades are such a great and easy way to add a boost to your nutrition as you’re probably drinking a cup (or 10, #momlife) of coffee or tea daily! Upgrade your latte to a SUPER latte- easily! These small additions have big benefits.

My training is not is herbalism or nutrition, so I will not be discussing any of the [MANY!] health benefits of the following upgrades. For information and recommended uses, please visit any of the linked sites and you’ll be well taken care of!

COFFEE/TEA upgrade roadmap:

1. warm up nut milk on your stove top (1/2 your cup)

2. brew your coffee or tea (1/2 your cup)

3. choose your superfood additions!


  • I first started adding collagen to my beverages when I was pregnant with Lila to help steady my blood sugar and get a big dose of protein. There are so many health benefits to consuming collagen, and this is such an easy way to get it in.

butter (grass-fed or at the very least, organic)

  • healthy fat, steady energy, and creaminess like no other! I feel like people still look at me like I’ve got 3 heads when I add butter to my drink but come on, have you never heard of a bulletproof coffee!? And how is it that different than cream!?
  • I’ve also recently discovered coconut butter that a local store makes in house, and it is AMAZING. Creaminess without adding any milk products. With health benefits (of course).

adaptogen / mushroom / herb / pre made superfood mix

  • so many options – check out the links a little lower down to some reputable sites to order from. The health upgrades are endless.
  • some of my favourites are: ashwagandha, maca and one of the mushroom varieties. The elixir blends though are a great place to begin!

4. choose sweetener of choice (raw honey/ real maple syrup/ etc.)

5. add all ingredients (except tea or coffee, keep that in your cup) to your blender, give a quick whiz, pour, top with cinnamon for good measure – inhale, exhale, enjoy.

Try to find items locally if you can! We have some seriously amazing ingredients at our fingerprints.

The Light Cellar (where I could probably live) is a store in Bowness, Calgary that is filled with all of the ingredients you’d ever need and has very knowledgeable and helpful staff. They also host classes/ workshops which I am so eager to attend one day!

The Gut Lab (these guys got me hooked) is a sister team from Calgary with an online store filled with adaptogen and mushroom “potions.” They have amazing product that’s top quality!

Harmonic Arts is a company based out of BC that has an incredible amount of items on their site to choose from.

New Earth Organics is another trusted Canadian source.

Beware. Once you start tinkering with your plain old cup of jo or tea, your coffee shop drink will NEVER satisfy and you’ll be wishing you’d just have made your own! Save that $5 (and the sugar overload) you were going to spend at Starbucks and put it toward your next superfood order.


Start small!

Add one new item in at a time until it’s a habit.

Put your new upgrades somewhere you’ll see them so it jogs your memory.


-caramel nut dandelion tea, or dandi blend (brew ½ your cup)

-cashew milk (or milk of choice- warm on stove) – ½ your cup

-1 T collagen

-1 tsp grassfed butter

-1 tsp The Gut Lab cosmic hot cocoa

-1 tsp cocao power

-1/2 tsp maple syrup (or more to your taste)

Add warm milk, and all ingredients except tea to blender. Give a few quick pulses, pour into your tea cup, top with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I’m sure this would be delicious with coffee subbed in place of tea, but I’m not a coffee gal, so you will have to let me know!


-masala chai

-1 T collagen

-1 T coconut butter (if you’re in Calgary, run to the light cellar and get it NOW)

-1 tsp The Gut Lab glow potion

-1/2 tsp maple syrup (if needed)

Add boiling (cup size) water to blender along with coconut butter, glow and sweetener and give it a whirl. Add to your cup with masala chai bag, let steep for desired time. Now take on the world.

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  1. Carmen Bakke says

    Made a Mocha Nightcap tonight, so tasty! Will be a new family fav for us this winter! Thanks so much for the recipe!

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