How to be a FUN MOM

The background of #funmom

Taking you back to a sweet, sweet summertime adventure.

We were at Quarry Lake with some good friends. If you’ve been, you know it’s a pretty chilly swimming spot. If you’ve never been, imagine jumping in to an ice bath for a good time (ha, not really, but it’s chilly mountain water). Anyways, my girlfriend doesn’t skip a beat and gets in the water with her kids. And not just like dipping her toes in, or running in, dunking down for a sec (you know), then back out. She COMMITTED. A full out swim in the middle of the lake.

Later on, I mentioned how impressed I was that she got in to swim and she just brushed it off, but did say [paraphrasing here, because mom brain] that she did do it intentionally [along with other things] to help encourage her kids to do the same and jump in with her.

That my friends is when #funmom was born. I loved that mentally so much that it really stuck. Fun mom is the mom who gets out of her comfort zone and does the fun things with the kids. Encouraging her kids to not just sit on the sidelines and watch, but to get out and do the thing.

Ever since that day, I make it a goal to bring #funmom along on our adventures. Somedays it’s easy, because a lot of the activities we do I truly enjoy. Some days it takes a little more mental work.

If I truly don’t want to do something, I won’t. If my kid doesn’t want to do something [within reason], they don’t have to. If I want to just sit back and relax while the kids play, THAT IS FINE. But most of the time, I now push myself to participate because, 1) MEMORIES and 2) I want to encourage my kids to step out of their comfort zones sometimes.

how to be a #funmom

Seriously folks, it’s that easy. My kids even ask now if fun mom is coming to do whatever it is that we’re off to do, haha. Some times it’s a hard YES. Some times it’s a hard NO.

Try it out! Bring fun mom along on your next outing. You will ALL have a blast. Even if you feel like you might get frostbite on your toes from the glacier water, you won’t regret the memories you make.

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