Homeopathy for the Flu + Fever

This post on homeopathy for the flu (influenza) and fever is the second blog post (the first being the common cold) in a series to help you use homeopathy at home to combat simple everyday sicknesses. 

Homeopathy is a hidden gem and it is incredibly effective if you know how to use it. I am hoping this series will help to remove some confusion and get remedies into more homes.

I originally was going to have flu and fever separate, but have decided to combine the two as fever is such a common symptom to the flu! Don’t worry – I’ll make up week five with another topic, such as throat or ear pain – maybe both it you’re lucky! Let me know if you have a preference.

You do not have to have a fever with your flu, and you do not have to have the flu with your fever – even just one or the other, these remedies may still be helpful for you.

This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. See my full disclaimer here. In the event of an emergency or if you are concerned about your health or the health of the person you are caring for, always seek the help of a medical doctor, call your local health link, or head to the emergency room. 

Immune system help

This post will be about suggested homeopathic remedies to aid you through the flu, but there are many ways to assist your body through your illness . This is an article filled with natural flu remedies – use his tips for natural flu recovery and to also boost your immune system and prevent the flu altogether. Here is another! Remember that your chosen homeopathic remedy can be used alongside supplements or medications, as they are not known to interfere. 

Ways that our family keeps our immune system functioning well in the winter are through daily probiotics, vitamin D, cell salts, elderberry syrup, minimizing sugar and dairy, eating fresh and homemade foods, lots of fresh air and HAND WASHING. Other great items are thrown in here and there, but that is the list that we generally stick to.

If you’re looking to add vitamins or supplements to your daily routine or want assistance to build up or assist your immune system, make an appointment with a local Naturopath and they’ll get you on the right track.

Even when you take every precaution, all the vitamins, eat fantastic, you still will get sick eventually. It’s a fact of life! Especially with little ones around who like to taste the handle of the grocery cart (barf). Arm yourself with some homeopathic remedies and you will be ready for the flu bugs or fevers when they strike.

A note on fevers

A lot of people fear a fever, and it’s important to remember that a fever (in a healthy person) is typically an important immune response to fight off the bug. Watch your child (or whomever) carefully – more on the symptoms and how they are presenting to you, less on the number on the thermometer. As always, keeping an eye out for anything that may be unusual.

Of course, in some ages and in some people, a fever could be very serious, and if that is your situation then take the precautions or steps you need to keep you or the person you are caring for safe.

Febrile seizures are a reason why fevers make parents uneasy. Read this for more information on that topic.If you have a child that is prone to febrile seizures, please read this article to potentially prevent the next one from happening. Homeopathic cell salts – mag phos 6x and calc phos 6x could be used in place of the magnesium and calcium in her protocol, or alongside. 

The mag phos 6X and calc phos 6X cell salts could also be given to any person with a fever or flu to aid the body through the illness. Alternate between the two every couple of hours (in addition to your remedy from below, if you choose one).

by the way…

Cell salts are 12 homeopathically prepared minerals essential to the body. They help the body to absorb minerals and nutrients from food and supplements. They can help to correct mineral imbalances. Because they are prepared homeopathically, this allows them to more readily and quickly enter the cells.

13 common homeopathic remedies for flu and fever

first line of defence

Consider one of the following three remedies at the onset of the illness:

aconitum napellus

Aconite could be useful to you if some of the following is true:

  • there was a SUDDEN onset of fever, or chills followed by fever, especially if recently out in the cold, wet weather or wind
  • the symptoms came in the evening or at night
  • during the fever, one cheek is red and the other is pale, or the face alternates between being pale and red
  • you are anxious, fearful and/or restless
  • you are very easily chilled
  • you are VERY thirsty

This remedy is most useful if taken within the first 24 hours of the onset of illness.

This remedy is called “aconite” for short. It is derived from the plant monkshood. Also see here for it’s use in colds.

Ferrum Phosphoricum

This remedy could be useful to you if some of the following is true:

  • there was a slow onset of fever
  • the symptoms are quite mild
  • you may have a headache on the right side of the head

This remedy is derived from phosphate of iron.


Take this at the onset of flu if the above remedies don’t seem to fit your symptoms and you cannot narrow down a specific remedy.

This remedy is made from Anas barbariae Hepatis Cordis extractum – the heart and liver of wild duck.

second stage remedies

arnica montana

Arnica could be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • you have horrible aches and pains throughout your whole body 
  • your bed feels too hard and you can’t get comfortable
  • you have a hot head with a cold body
  • you have very smelly breath and/or odour in general
  • you may vomit or get a nosebleed with fever

This remedy is made from the plant Leopard’s Bane

Arsenicum album

This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • you have a very high fever which may peak between midnight and 3am
  • your face is hot but your body is chilled
  • vomiting and /or diarrhea accompany the illness
  • you desire fresh air
  • you are thirsty but only for small sips
  • you are very restless, but also weak
  • you feel anxious
  • you feel better for drinking something warm

This remedy is made from arsenic trioxide. Also see here its use in the common cold.


Belladonna may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • your fever came on very suddenly and is very high
  • your face is flushed, your lips and gums are red
  • your pupils are dilated and eyes glisten
  • your face or body may have twitches
  • you have a hot head with cold hands and feet, but are not sweating
  • you may have a severe, right sided headache 
  • you may become delirious or hallucinate
  • you may be craving lemons or lemonade 

This remedy is made from the plant deadly nightshade. Read up on homeopathy here to understand why this (and all of the other remedies mentioned) are of no danger to you when used in the acute potencies available to you (ex, 30CH).


This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • you have a slow progressing flu with severe achiness
  • you feel worse from even the littlest movement
  • you are very irritable and want to be left alone
  • you have an unquenchable thirst with a dry mouth, and are drinking in gulps
  • your face may be flushed a deep red colour
  • you have a headache at the front of the head
  • you feel worse in a warm room and desire fresh, cool air 

This remedy is made from the plant Wild Hop. Also see here it’s use in the common cold.

china rubra

This remedy may be of help to you if some of the following is true:

  • your skin is very sensitive to the touch
  • you have a headache that’s better from pressure
  • you feel dizzy on you attempts to get up; you feel terrible when moving around
  • you’re experiencing bloating and diarrhea

This remedy is made from Peruvian bark.

Eupatorium perfoliatum

This remedy may be of use to you if some of the following is true:

  • you have a high fever with terrible aching pains, especially felt in the bones (as if they would break)
  • your chills go up and down the spine
  • you are vomiting with the fever
  • you are thirsty for cold drinks
  • you have a heavy, aching head

This remedy is made from Thoroughwort plant.


This remedy may be useful to you if some of the following is true:

  • you feel very weak and sleepy and your whole body feels heavy
  • you are achey all over
  • you have a headache in the back of the head (young child may reference neck); pain may radiate to your forehead
  • you feel a bit better after urinating
  • you are chilly; chills may run up and down your back
  • you are not thirsty
  • you may have blurred vision or trembles

*this is one of the most common remedies for influenza.

This remedy is made from Yellow Jasmine.

nux vomica

Nux may be of use to you if some of the following is true:

  • you have big chills with shakes or twitches
  • you desire and feel better from being warmed and drinking something warm
  • you have a sore back
  • you may have constipation or diarrhea with the fever

This remedy is made from the Poison-nut. See how to use it for colds here.


This remedy may be useful to you if some of the following is true:

  • you are feeling very emotional; your emotions may change at the drop of a hat
  • children are very whiny, clingy and want to be carried
  • you do not want to be left alone
  • you feel worse in a warm room
  • you are not thirsty
  • you have a desire to urinate, but may not be able to or just pee a little

This remedy is made from the Wind Flower. See information on its use in colds here.

rhus toxicodendron

This remedy may be useful to you if some of the following is true:

  • you feel horribly achy, stiff and restless
  • you feel better when moving around
  • you may have a dry cough or sneezing 
  • your tongue tip is bright red
  • you may get hives with the fever
  • you are thirsty for small sips of warm drinks

This remedy is made from Poison Ivy.


When you don’t know what else to give! General flu symptoms:

  • body aches
  • headache 
  • chills
  • fever

Don’t forget to take a read through this blog post on much of the remedy to take and how often.

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between a couple different remedies. In that case, start with your first choice and if nothing improves, move on to something new. If you have no specific symptoms, go with the Oscillococcinum.

Have you come down with the flu? Which remedy helped you through your illness? I’d love to hear from you!

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