Homeopathy for The Common Cold

I am going to be writing a series of posts on homeopathic remedies that will help yourself and and family members through any simple sicknesses you might acquire. This week’s spotlight will be on homeopathy for the common cold. 

Some of the remedies shared in each topic WILL overlap. I will do this on purpose so that you can see how you can use the same remedies for various ailments.  

I will be sharing common remedies that you’ll be able to find in your local pharmacy, health food store or online such as amazon. If you see this list and are overwhelmed by the amount of remedies – don’t be! Homeopathic remedies are very inexpensive. Buy a few here and there and your stock will grow quickly.

This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. See my full disclaimer here. In the event of an emergency, always seek the help of a medical doctor, call your local health link, or head to the emergency room.

Once you read through the list of remedies, check out this blog to discover how to administer the pellets and how often.

When the correct homeopathic remedy is matched to your symptoms, it will stimulate your body to work towards a state of health. It could: take some (or all) of your symptoms away, give you back your energy, shorten the duration of the illness. If you choose correctly, the remedy will support you!

I will also share some common combination remedies. If you can’t decide which individual remedy is best for you, choose a combination. Combination remedies have been formulated to include a handful of individual remedies in one to help alleviate symptoms of illness. 

Single remedies are always option #1. If you’re able to directly match your symptoms to one remedy, it will help you quicker. 

Combination remedies are option #2. Still helpful, but may not help as quickly, and actually may not help at all. When companies formulate combination remedies, they try to cover all major symptoms (of the ailment they’re formulating for). But your symptoms may not always be a match to the combination you chose. They are a good way to start using Homeopathy, but if a certain combo doesn’t work for you, it’s because the remedies included in that certain formulation were not a match to your current symptoms; it is not because Homeopathy doesn’t work 🙂 

Let’s dig in!

12 homeopathic remedies for the common cold


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • the symptoms came on very suddenly, possibly after being exposed to cold weather or wind
  • your nose is either stuffed up or runs with a watery, hot discharge
  • you feel very fearful
  • you feel better outside or with a window open

Pro-tip: if you feel a sickness coming on, take this remedy 3 times during the course of the day, as it may help your body fight it off. It is most useful if used during the first 24 hours of beginning to feel “off.”

This remedy is called “aconite” for short. It is derived from the plant monkshood.

Allium cepa

This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • you’ve been sneezing so much as there’s a constant tickle in your nose
  • you have a constant drip of watery nasal discharge (sometimes starting in the left nostril and moving to the right)
  • nasal discharge burns your upper lip
  • your eyes are streaming tears (which is non-irritating to your skin), particularly from your left eye (or else starting in the left eye)
  • your eyes are quite red, and you’ve been rubbing them a lot
  • you feel better outside (even if it’s cold out)

This remedy is derived from the red onion.

Arsenicum Album

This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • you have burning nasal discharge that irritates your upper lip and nostrils
  • you have burning pains in your nose, eyes or throat, which feels better when you drink something hot
  • you feel better in a warm room, and feel worse outside, especially when you breath in the cold air
  • mentally you feel very nervous, anxious and restless

This remedy is derived from metallic element arsenic.


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • there is little or no nasal discharge
  • you have a dull pain in your forehead
  • the less your nose runs, the more painful your forehead is
  • there is lots of sneezing
  • your mouth is very dry, and you are very thirsty
  • you are very grumpy and would rather be left alone

This remedy is derived from the plant wild hops.


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • you are constantly sneezing
  • there is lots of watery nasal discharge
  • your nose becomes completely stuffed up when you go outside
  • you have a lot of watery discharge coming from your eyes

This is a very common remedy to consider when your cold comes on from a change in the weather, from warm to cold, or in the fall when days are warm and nights are cold.

This remedy is derived from the plant bittersweet.


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • your eyes are extremely irritated with burning and itching
  • your eyes and cheeks are red from burning, constant tears
  • your nose is also running, but the discharge is not irritating
  • you have been sneezing
  • your eye symptoms are worse outside, and your runny nose is worse while lying down

This remedy is derived from the plant eyebright.

Kali Bichromicum

This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • your nasal discharge is thick
  • discharges are long, sticky and yellow
  • you constantly want to blow your nose, even if nothing comes out
  • you hawk up thick mucous (mostly in the morning)

This remedy is derived from bichromate of potassium.

Natrum Muriaticum

This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • sneezing was your first symptom
  • you have a a lot of watery nasal discharge that is the consistency of an egg white
  • you have lost your sense of taste and smell
  • your lips are chapped and you have cracks in the corners of your mouth, or you get a coldsore
  • you have been chugging water
  • your cold came on after something upset you emotionally (ex, a death, divorce, breakup, homesickness, new routine)

*this is a common remedy for children who get a lot of colds

This remedy is derived from chloride of sodium (common salt).

nux vomica

This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • you have been sneezing a lot
  • your nose has been runny during the day and stuffed up at night
  • you may have developed your cold after overindulging (in food, alcohol or drugs), or it may have come on after prolonged mental or emotional stress 

*this remedy is commonly indicated for newborns with the sniffles

This remedy is derived from the strychnine tree.


This remedy could be helpful for you if some of the following is true:

  • your eyes are very itchy and watery; a cold cloth feels nice on them
  • you’ve had lots of non-irritating nasal discharge, which could be yellow or green
  • your nose becomes stuffed up at night, alternating sides
  • your mouth is dry but you are not thirsty
  • you feel very emotional and sensitive. Your mood keeps changing and you are easily brought to tears

*another common remedy for sniffles in newborns

This remedy is derived from the wind flower.


If you cannot figure out which individual remedy best fits your current “state” or you just need something fast, try this! It should help to provide some relief for congestion, runny nose and sneezing.

This remedy is a combination of 6 remedies: Allium cepa, Belladonna, Gelsemium sempervirens, Kali bichromicum, Pulsatilla and Sabadilla.


This remedy is typically used to treat the flu, but it has also been found to be helpful with the common cold. Consider trying this remedy when you do not know what else to give.

This remedy isn’t actually a combination, but will be sold alongside the combination remedy packages. This remedy is made from Anas barbariae Hepatis Cordis extractum – the heart and liver of wild duck.

Next time you or someone in your family falls ill with a cold, you can administer one of the above remedies and feel good knowing that you’re helping the body fight the good fight.

Did you successfully treat a cold using a remedy from the list? Tell me about it!

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  1. Stacey says

    Thank you for this! As I dive into learning homeopathy at home I’m finding your blog my go-to for straightforward, helpful information!

  2. Elizabeth Lasley says

    Jill – these posts are so helpful that I find myself referring to them all the time. Thank you for putting these together! A recent win- I’ve been fighting some flu over Christmas and my lips were SO CHAPPED. I remembered reading it in one of your posts and, I kid you not, started to feel such drainage right after I took my first Nat Mur. Immediate response. A day later and my lips aren’t chapped anymore and my symptoms have changed to a Kali Bich. I’m quickly getting back to health thanks to you.

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