Homeopathy for Pregnancy Headaches and Migraines

Not much else can ruin your day as quick as a headache can! This post on homeopathic remedies for pregnancy headaches and migraines will help you ditch the pain and get on with your day.

Many women struggle with headaches in pregnancy. A big problem is that most women don’t know what they’re allowed to (safely) take! What a great time and opportunity to try a homeopathic remedy, an option that is safe for you and your growing baby.

When taking one of the homeopathic remedies below, you do not have to worry about interactions with other medications or supplements, and you do not have to worry if any harm will come to you or your little one. Read up on some of the basics of homeopathy in this blog post, and then follow it up with this one. Stick with low potencies (“strengths”) – under 30CH and you’ll be set! As always, if you need help finding a remedy for yourself, contact me and we can set up an online consultation.

This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. See my full disclaimer here. In the event of an emergency, always seek the help of your medical doctor, midwife, or head to the emergency room. If you are experiencing frequent headaches, ensure you’re seen by your health care provider.

First steps for headaches

Prior to taking a remedy, I will try some of the following techniques to see if they help my head pain lessen or disappear.

RELAX: stop the work, take a break from the screens and just be. Close your eyes, releasing tension from your jaw, neck, shoulders, glutes, etc. Take some deep breaths. If you have some extra time, run yourself a bath and sit in silence.
FRESH AIR: this can do wonders for me if I have a headache. Something about getting out of a stuffy room and into nature really helps.
NAP: pretty self explanatory! Is your headache from tiredness? Close your eyes for a 20 minute nap and see how you feel upon waking.

If my headaches are coming frequently, I will book in with my chiropractor or massage therapist to make sure I’m in good alignment and to help get rid of some tension.

homeopathic remedies for pregnancy headaches and migraines

Before diving into the following remedies that are very helpful for the occasional headache, I must point out that if headaches or migraines are a recurrent problem for you, I recommend making an appointment with a classical homeopath to put an end to them!


This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • head pains come on suddenly and strongly
  • head pains are felt in the back of the head, eyes, forehead or temples
  • head pains that are throbbing and pounding
  • head pains are worse with sudden, jolting movements
  • head pains are worse in the heat of the sun
  • head pains may feel worse at 3 am or 3 pm
  • things that help your head pain slightly: resting your head, laying in the dark and pushing on the painful locations


This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • head pain feels aching, sore or bruised
  • head feels heavy, like it needs to be supported; eyelids feel heavy too
  • head may feel like it has a band around it
  • head pain is felt in the back of the head and moves to the forehead
  • you may have blurred vision with your head pain


This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • you have stabbing, violent pains in your forehead
  • head pains may feel like you have a nail being driven into the sides of your head
  • head pains may start and stop suddenly
  • head pain is usually started from an emotional upset

iris versicolar

This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • head pains are typically felt in the forehead and top of the head
  • you feel so much pressure in your head with the pain, it feels like it might pop off
  • head pains feel sharp and cutting
  • head pain may have started over one eye
  • head pains may be preceded by vision troubles, blurred vision, missing vision, etc
  • head pains may have started after mental strain

natrum muriaticum (nat mur)

This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • head pain is felt in the forehead and temples
  • head pains may feel hammering and throbbing
  • head pain with watering eyes
  • head pains may be preceded by vision trouble, flickers or floaters
  • head pains may be worse from 10 am to 3 pm


This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • head pains are typically felt in the forehead, focussed over one eye
  • head may feel bruised and throbbing
  • head pains feel better out in fresh air
  • symptoms may change from one moment to the next, similar to your moods
  • you may feel clingy, weepy or irritable


This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true:

  • head pains are usually on the left side of the head
  • head pains that feel bursting or throbbing
  • head pains that feel better in fresh air, after intense activity and after eating
  • this is a fitting remedy for mamas who feel very worn out, have too much to do and not enough help; irritated by those close to you, drawing into yourself

Head to this post if you haven’t already, for information on how and how often to take your chosen homeopathic remedy.

cell salts for headaches

As a bonus I thought I’d include the cell salts used for headaches/migraines!

What are cell salts?

Cell salts are homoeopathically prepared inorganic mineral compounds essential to our cellular health. They’re essential, because our body needs minerals to make use of vitamins. Cell salts are needed for basic functions like nutrition, digestions, toxin removal and tons more.

Dr. Schuessler, who discovered cell salts, states that deficiencies in these minerals are the source of common health problems and complaints, and that the cell salts derived from the minerals give the body what it needs to be well.

The cell salts stimulate the body to help to restore mineral imbalances. Because they are prepared homeopathically and low potency, they are safe for the whole fam. This also makes them incredibly easy for the body to absorb.

Cell salts are great for everyone, especially those new to using homeopathic remedies. There’s only 12 in total, so it’s easier to collect them all, and a bit easier to narrow down what you need.

We use them all. the. time. Every day. Here’s one great use: headaches! In pregnancy or not, they are incredibly helpful and useful.

Below you’ll find 5 of the cell salts that are commonly used for headaches.

I typically try a cell salt (sometimes alternating between a couple) first, or alongside one of the above homeopathic remedies if the headache or migraine is a real doozy.

5 cell salts for use in headaches

Ferr Phos

  • you may have bruising, pressing or stitching pains
  • you may have throbbing in your temples or right over your eyes
  • you may have a congestive headache with red eyes or face
  • your head hurts to touch
  • you may have full or partial vision loss

Kali Phos

  • your headache may be caused by anxiety or worry
  • your headache may be caused by eyestrain or lack of sleep

Nat Mur

  • you may have a dull, hammering headache with watering eyes
  • you may experience vision problems before or during your headache
  • your headache may be from poor sleep

Mag phos

  • your headache may be very painful with shooting pains
  • you may see flashing lights with your pain
  • heat helps the head pain

Nat Sulph

  • you may have very intense pains at the base or top of the head
  • any noise is unbearable
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  1. Gina says

    I get tension type headaches … it steams from my left side – shoulder, base of skull (left side) and its a throbbing type of headache I get these a lot! What would you suggest?

    • Jill says

      Hi Gina! I just released a free course on my website and one of the remedies in that class sounds like it may be helpful to you!

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