Homeopathy for Broken Bones

Broken bones can happen any time of year, and it’s best to be prepared for when they do!

top Homeopathic Remedies broken bones:

Use this post to help guide you on how often to take your remedy.


For immediately following the injury, if there are feelings of fear and shock.


To decrease pain and swelling from trauma. Give ASAP and continue for a few days, as needed, if you notice improvement.


Useful for more severe pain from the fracture (always try Arnica first) – a sharp or stitching pain, worse from any movement. You will feel very irritable and want to be alone.

Bellis perennis

Helpful for fractures of the tailbone, sacrum and pelvis. Used for pain and deep bruising, after Arnica (if it has not helped).

Eupatorium perfoliatum

To help with severe bone aching, felt deep in the bone.


For use when a bone is crushed (ex, fingertips, toes) and for compound fractures and injuries to the tailbone. Pains will be shooting from the broken area.


Used for black and blue bruising, if Arnica has not helped.


When the pain around a fracture is extreme, making the person feel weak. This remedy is also helpful if pain persists after using Arnica. This is especially useful for fractures near the surface such as shins, the skull, kneecaps, etc. Ruta is also used for chronic pain following a fracture.


Eases the pain and promotes bone growth in fractures. *Only start this remedy after the bone has been set, if applicable.

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Cell salts:

Once the initial pain and swelling from a broken bone are a thing of the past, you can start on a cell salt protocol to help to speed and complete the mending process.

Calc phos 6X + silica 6X

Alternate each salt daily (or weekly), taking that day’s salt about 3x a day.

Calc phos 6x + Calc fluor 6x

After bone mending is complete, you may want to keep calc phos and add calc fluor to your supplement line up. These remedies will help keep your bones strong. Bonus, they’re also great to take for your teeth!

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  1. Nicole says

    Thank you for this info!! I am new to this homeopathy stuff and can’t wait to start applying these remedies to my family!
    I have a daughter who broke her wrist two years ago. She still continues to complain about pain in the wrist. We actually took her in for x-rays to make sure everything healed properly last month because her complaining of pain is ongoing. What would you recommend for long-term bone pain? I’m thinking Eupatorium Perfolistum and some cell salts??
    Thanks for your time!

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