Homeopathy for anxiety & fear about birth

Let me start by saying that it is completely normal to have some anxiety and fears about giving birth. If you are a first time mom there are a lot of unknowns & you’re heading down a path that you’ve never been down before. If you’re a mom about to do it all again, you know what’s coming and sometimes that is scary! Maybe you had a traumatic previous birth, maybe things didn’t go as planned. Maybe you’re anxious about contractions, pushing, the health of your baby… THERE’S A LOT that could be going through your head!

(FYI – I have more pregnancy help in this blog post – or just search pregnancy in the search bar.)

This is a topic that is close to my heart as I know how it feels to be anxious & fearful about birth. I’ve had 4 births & I’ve found myself in a Gelsemium state (birth #1), Lycopodium state (birth #2), Aconite state (birth #3) & and Arg nit state (birth #4). So yeah, I’ve been there.

But as always, I’ve got some remedies for you to consider. The right remedy can help calm your nerves, dissipate the anxiety and fears. You’ll look birth in the face and say “bring it on. I’m ready.”

8 homeopathic remedies for anxiety & fear about birth

Aconite (aconitum napellus)

A strong, intense feeling of fear and panic. The greatest fear is of the pain from labour & specifically dying from the pain. This anxiety and fear might wait to set in until labour & catch you by surprise, even if you’ve been calm, cool and collected the whole time. You might feel a sudden sense of panic and a need to get away. If nothing else, HAVE THIS REMEDY

Argentum nitricum

A great remedy for anticipatory anxiety. There is a lack of confidence and doubting of abilities in labour and/or motherhood in general. Lots of fidgeting/ pacing and wanting to be around others. 


There is a strong feeling of fear and panic as with aconite, but this doesn’t come on as suddenly. The fear here is also strictly about dying. As the due date draws closer, the fear becomes more and more intense. There is a lot of restlessness and an almost constant need of reassurance. 


A very important remedy to consider for anticipatory anxiety about birth, especially if you’ve previously had a shocking or traumatic birth experience (see Ign and Staph below also). If the other remedies don’t find how you feel, consider Buddleia. It will bring peace, clarity & help you relax into your upcoming birth.


Another top anticipatory anxiety remedy. The mom is fearful and anxious about the upcoming birth. This causes weakness and trembling. She dreads the due date & as it approaches she just wants to be alone. A mom needing this remedy often passes her “due date.”


This remedy is a good consideration if there are feelings of anxiousness about an upcoming birth & there was a previous traumatic or disappointing birth experience. For a mom who is still grieving that first birth. There might also be frequently sighing, trembling, sobbing. 


There is general nervousness leading up to the due date. The mom lacks confidence in her ability to birth or be a mother, so is doing everything in her control to prepare (yet doesn’t feel prepared). Someone needing Lycopodium often dreads being exposed during labour and delivery (people seeing her naked or watching delivery). She may be irritable and bossy during this time.


This is an important remedy to consider if there is anxious feelings about birth & there was a previous birth in which a procedure or intervention left you with feelings of anger, resentment, violation or humiliation (and you are still holding on to those feelings.) Dig deep. This remedy will help you to let that go. 

What potency and how often do I take it?!

I would use either 30C or 200C. I would choose the closest fit to my symptoms and start out by taking that remedy 2-3 times per day, until there was improvement and then I would back off. If I needed it again I would start back up. If I seemed to need it even more frequently, I would follow that intuition. If there was no obvious change after 2-3 days I would try the next best choice.

Other things to consider (but aren’t necessary for the remedy to act)…

  • Really put on that positive mindset. Think about best case scenarios. Think about what you want to happen. When negative thoughts return, replace the “bad apple” thoughts with good ones.
  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing & box breathing
  • Do things that you love and help you to relax
  • Walk outside

It all helps!

If you’re having trouble getting on top of your anxiety & fears about birth, you may need to work with a homeopath directly. Sometimes it can be really tricky to discern which remedy would be the best fit for us.

I will soon (starting early April 2023) have a link to book directly with me (limited). You can book any time with the homeopaths at homeopathy247.com. Or if you’d like a direct referral to someone I know and trust, send me an email 🙂

Wishing you the best birth experience!

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