Homeopathic Remedies to help after you OVERINDULGE

Halloween just past… the Christmas season is coming… what better time than now to leave you with some very handy homeopathic remedies to help after you overindulge.

If you’re new to homeopathy, these are great remedies to collect and are often found in basic kits, useful for so many things. Even if you just buy them for this one use – you WILL thank yourself later!

Carbo vegetalis is used in our home FREQUENTLY and has saved us from so many tummy aches with my daughter when she’s accidentally eaten a food that does not agree with her.


Eat too much? Drink too much? Try this first. It’s the go-to homeopathic remedy for helping a hangover.

Someone needing this remedy is highly irritable.

They may have a aheadache or migraine following excessive food or alcohol intake with a sensitivity to light, noise and smells.

There may be nausea with a desire to vomit, believing that if you only could, you’d for sure feel better


Extreme bloating, indigestion and belching after overindulgence or eating a food you have a sensitivity to.


A bloated abdomen following overindulgence, with a need to “loosen the belt,” or switch to your stretchy pants.

Someone needing this remedy will often crave sweets and have a ravenous appetite, continuing to eat even after they’re full.


Stomach pains or heartburn after eating fatty foods and sweets, particularly those that are rich and creamy.

Someone needing this remedy may be emotionally upset by their symptoms, desiring sympathy and attention.

Fresh air always helps somewhat.

Choose your remedy, then follow the guidance in this post for how often to take it!

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