homeopathic remedies for your sore throat

Maybe your throat feels scratchy and sore as you feel an illness setting in, or maybe you are in the thick of an illness and your throat pain is just killing you, I’ve got the remedies for that!

I suffered from a lot of throat issues as a kid, but I hadn’t had a truly horrible sore throat for so long – until this past winter. When I got covid my worst symptom was definitely my sore throat. But guess what I used? Yep, you guessed it, one of the below remedies (Bell!). Guess how long that awful pain stayed? Less than 1 day.

Not every “cure” will be that drastic and quick, but with the correct remedy choice you will feel your body start to turn a corner and gain the strength you need to heal and overcome the pain.

This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. See my full disclaimer here. In the event of an emergency or if you are concerned about your health or the health of the person you are caring for, always seek the help of a medical doctor, call your local health link, or head to the emergency room. 

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10 homeopathic remedies for your sore throat

Aconite 200C + Bryonia 30C

First things first – just like any sickness, we start here. This is a Banjeri protocol (aka tried and true remedies that are used together, created by master homeopaths in India – will do a deeper explanation soon) that is to be used any time you are starting to not feel well, sore throat included. I go into the deets a bit more in my free class. These 2 remedies are taken at the same time, twice a day, or every 6 hours if needing more. They’ll help your bod to hopefully fight off the illness, or will for sure give you a leg up and help you recover quicker. If you feel your pain intensifying and symptoms worsening, look to one of the next remedies.


If this is the remedy for you, some of the following will be true…

  • your throat is quite sore, and better from drinking something warm, like a cup of tea
  • you feel like your throat is burning
  • your throat feels dry and scraped
  • everything you swallow gets stuck in your throat


If this is the remedy for you, some of the following will be true…

  • your throat feels dry and hot
  • the pain may feel worse on the right side
  • the throat looks quite angry and red
  • the pain may accompany a fever
  • swallowing is very difficult and is worse when you’re swallowing liquids
  • when swallowing, you may unintentionally bend your head forward to help

*this remedy is frequently indicated


If none of the other remedies seem to fit, this is a remedy to think of for a sore throat in a child. They may also sound hoarse, have a dry cough with rattling mucous, and be quite emotionally difficult.

Hepar sulphuris Calcareum (hepar sulph)

Although this remedy is more often used in cases of strep or tonsillitis, it can be used in cases of a simple sore throat too. If you need this remedy…

  • you might feel like you have something small stuck in your throat
  • pain might shoot to your ears upon swallowing
  • your sore throat started after being exposed to cold weather (but you started with Aconite first, right?:))

Sometimes I actually use a 6C strength of hepar sulph two times a day when someone has a sore throat, alternating with another better fitting remedy in this list. Why? Hepar sulph works very well against infections and so I use it a bit preventatively in some scenarios.


If this is the remedy for you, some of the following will be true…

  • you have a sharp pain in your throat when you are not swallowing that gets better when you swallow food
  • the sharp pain in your throat extends to your ear in between swallowing
  • there is a sensation of a plug, or something weird in your throat that you can’t swallow away


If this is the remedy for you, some of the following will be true…

  • your sore throat is worse on the left side
  • your pain is worse when swallowing liquids or saliva, but swallowing food is ok
  • your throat hurts even to touch your neck
  • your pain extends into your ear
  • you feel like you have something in your throat to swallow, but after swallowing it comes back again

mercurious solublis (merc sol)

If this is the remedy for you, some of the following will be true…

  • you get a sore throat with most colds and your glands swell right up
  • your throat feels raw and burning
  • your throat is painfully dry with your mouth full of saliva
  • the above makes you want to swallow constantly, which hurts


If this is the remedy for you, some of the following will be true…

  • the throat feels raw, scraping and burning
  • the pain is worse later in the day
  • historically, sickness starts as a cold and sore throat and then moves into the lungs
  • the throat hurts to talk and to cough
Unless otherwise indicated, I would generally use the 30C strength for each remedy.

Please remind me what I do now!?

Step one: identify your symptoms, how they feel, any specific details

Step two: read through the list of remedies above and select the remedy that seems to match closest to how you’re feeling (if you are ordering remedies, pick your top few choices so that you have them on hand if your first choice is incorrect) – yes, it is common to feel like more than one seem right. Try to match as close as you can!

Step three: take the remedy! I take 2-3 pills at a time, and the frequency depends on how intense your symptoms are. If you’re just starting to feel something, the frequency might be 2-3 times that first day. If your pain is INTENSE, you might be taking your remedy every 15-20 minutes for an hour or so until it calms down.

Step four: determine if your chosen remedy is working. If your pain was intense and you’ve taken your remedy for 1 hour, how are you now? Has your pain changed AT ALL? Has ANYTHING changed, even slightly? If yes, continue on. You may need to continue frequently for another couple of hours. Decrease as your pain decreases. Flow with it. If your pain has not changed or is still getting worse, try the next best remedy.

Step five: If you/ your symptoms feel quite improved, take a break from the remedy and come back if you need to.

Cell salts for sore throats

The following cell salts are a great addition to your get-better-fast plan. I start as soon as I feel I might be getting sick, alternating with the Aconite+Bryonia from above.

Calc Sulph 6X + Ferrum Phos 6X + Kali Mur 6X

All to be taken & can be taken at the same time. These wonderful salts will help boost your immune system and help with inflammation, pain and difficult swallowing.

If you’re struggling with recurrent sore throats, you may consider using Calc Phos 6X a couple times a day to help uproot the cycle.

combination remedy options

As I’ve mentioned before, try to choose a remedy from above if you can. But if you can’t find a match or you’re away from your remedy selection, etc, these combination remedies are a great option.

Boiron USA’s ThroatCalm

Boiron Canada’s Roxalia

Hyland’s Sore Throat

Other home remedies to try, that you can use alongside your homeopathic remedies

Sometimes we like to throw all that we can at our illnesses & our body thanks us for the assistance. Below are some comfort measures that I sometimes throw into the mix:

  • Herbal teas
  • Honey (add to the above!)
  • Bone broth
  • Propolis throat spray
  • Salt water gargle
  • Elderberry syrup
  • Earthley’s feel better fast … they do have a throat spray as well, but I do not use it as it has peppermint in it, so not to be used if you’re actively taking the remedies above.
  • Colloidal silver

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