Homeopathic Remedies for period cramps and pain

These top notch pain remedies are applicable for other types of pain and pain at any point in your cycle. They are super stars in the area of period pain.

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Ok, on to pain remedies…

Homeopathy for period cramps and pain


  • very painful cramps in the lower back, lower belly and legs
  • cutting pains from hip to hip

Calc carb

  • labour-like pains in the back and abdomen before and during period
  • cramps feel like you’re being stabbed


  • violent cramps that come and go with little flow
  • spasmodic intense pains -needle-like sharp pains in cervix


  • pains like labour pains, urging her to pee
  • pain is intolerable; wants it taken away NOW


  • crampy pains can shoot down the legs
  • pain can feel like an electric shock


  • bloated abdomen with intense cramping
  • may feel seasick


  • sharp, cutting pains
  • the women bends forward and holds her belly in pain


  • labour-like pains that radiate from lower back to the pubic area

kali carb

  • intense pains during the period that are felt in the lower abdomen, hips and especially the back
  • pressure or pushing back into something helps


  • the less flow there is, the more intense the pain is
  • very severe cramps on the first day of the period

mag phos

  • the first choice for menstrual cramps
  • cramps and pains that are better from heat (ex, heating pad) and pressure

nuc vomica

  • there is intense pain in the sacrum which urges to move the bowels


  • labour-like pains, must bend forward
  • may vomit from the pain


  • the flow comes in waves along with labour-like pains
  • intense pains are better from laying on back with limbs extended out


  • pain during the period with not much flow
  • there is a heavy, pushing down feeling in the pelvis and vagina


  • uterine pains running from groins to back
  • can have a bearing down feeling in vagina like things will fall out


  • severe pain wraps from back to lower abdomen
  • cramping pains shoot down the thighs

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Wishing you pain-free periods & smooth sailing through your cycle,

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