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In this blog post you will find what I keep on hand for home birth supplies. My midwives provide me with a list of recommended items, and I have added a few of my own. After three births and approaching a fourth very soon, you learn what you like and what you use. It is important to note that my midwives bring all needed and necessary medical supplies.

I have included a home birth supply list, as well as a support person cheat sheet for labour and my favourite birth affirmations.

Some of these items are very applicable to hospital births as well – in particular the natural pain relief and postpartum items. So even if you don’t plan to birth at home, take a read and use what you can! Share with your mama (to-be) friends!

Download the PDF list here:

home birth supplies

homeopathic remedies :

My recommendation goes far beyond the typical Arnica (though very important!). I wrote a blog all about which remedies I think are most important in childbirth HERE. Postpartum post coming soon.

Why are they top of the list? Though these items are not listed in order of importance, I wouldn’t go into labour without knowing my remedies are near. They can help with strong emotions, stuck or non progressing labours, extreme pain, exhaustion and more.

heating pad

For pain relief or if chilly during labour. I love using a heating pad to warm up immediately post birth when I tend to get the chills. I keep an electric version and a hot water bottle in my supplies

tens machine

I bought this second hand for my first birth and it has been appreciated every time! What is it? Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), is used for pain management during labor. TENS consists of a handheld, portable device that is connected to electrodes. Through the electrodes, mild electrical pulses are sent through the skin and the body to the person’s spinal cord and brain. At or near the peak of a contraction they can act as a distraction. They must be removed to go into the water, but that’s pain relief of it’s own!

birthing ball

I use an exercise ball for swaying, bouncing, leaning on, etc.

squatty potty

Just a plain old stool will do too! For support in a squatting position, or for lifting the feet in a sitting position.

lemongrass face cloths

I prepare these in the days before my due date and keep them chilling in the fridge, ready for go time. The addition of lemongrass essential oil is life changing – it is incredibly relaxing and cooling in labour.


The midwives request this, if they need more light for whatever reason.


Incase there is concern of a fever.

aquatic strainer

If you’re planning (or considering) a water birth, this will be used (by a birth team member) to strain floaties out of the water.

2 large garbage bags

For the clean up crew! A common misconception of home births is that there would be so much clean up, and that couldn’t be more untrue (for the mama). The midwives take care of it all, without me even noticing!

container with lid (or ziplocks)

For the placenta. Make sure to have your midwife show this to you, it is ridiculously cool.

paper towels

Because ya never know!

hydrogen peroxide

Incase of staining – again, for the clean up crew.

shower curtain + an old bed sheet

As soon as labour starts, my husband puts a shower curtain over top of our clean bed sheets. He then puts the old (incase staining occurs) fitted sheet over top of the shower curtain. When the birth is over, these 2 layers are stripped off and you hop into your clean, already made bed. The best.

puppy training pads

Your midwives may place these underneath you during labour to catch any fluid or blood. They are important for the beginning days postpartum as well, to place underneath yourself in bed to catch any leaks.

female diapers

If you know, you know. Wearing a diaper for the first day or two postpartum is LIFE CHANGING. So simple and easy and super trendy as you get to match your baby 😉 . Seriously though, you won’t regret buying some (my favourite is the walmart “equate” brand for the best fit and least irritating). They’e handy for during labour to wear when your water breaks as well, as you will usually continue to leak as labour progresses.

mesh undies + maternity pads

For when I am sick of the diaper, but still have a heavy flow, or for at night. As the bleeding lessens, I switch to lighter pads and eventually period panties.

peri bottle

Keep this right beside your toilet to rinse after you use the washroom. You can add some calendula (tincture or homeopathic pellets) to the water as well for healing properties.

perineal spray

For some extra love, spray this on the perineum after using the washroom. There are many options available from health food stores or DIY mixes. I usually mix up my own with witch hazel, aloe and some essential oils.

old towels, face cloths + swaddles

For drying off after the tub or shower, perineum support, covering up mama and babe once born and not yet cleaned off, etc.

newborn diapers + blankets

For gettin’ cozy in bed.

comfy clothes for mama + babe

Something loose and comfortable, preferably with buttons or snaps to continue skin to skin and start breastfeeding. The clothes for babe aren’t really necessary, as they’ll be just be in their diaper on my chest, but always good to have an extra sleeper or 2 close by!

Download the PDF here:

Download the cheat sheet here:

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