Easter Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a super fun activity for Easter morning? Give this fun + easy easter scavenger hunt adventure a try!

Last year was our first year doing a scavenger hunt and the kids had a ridiculous amount of fun, so you better believe it is going to be a yearly thing.

This activity is PERFECT for #isolationlife. The kids will burn energy ripping around looking for clues. It adds excitement and kills time! And bonus if you get a second to put your feet up and drink your coffee.

I realize I’m sharing this very last minute, but don’t let that stop you! If your dollar store is out of plastic eggs or you don’t want to leave your house (bc, corona), just skip the eggs! Just tape the clues at each location. The eggs add a bit more suspense but they certainly aren’t critical for an epic Easter scavenger hunt adventure.

Scavenger hunt supply list:

  • plastic eggs to put the clues inside (most dollar stores sell these)
  • square pieces of paper to draw the clues on (sticky note size)

Scavenger hunt preparations

I prepared this this in the evening before Easter, after the kids were in bed. It took me no more than an hour.

Step 1:

Make yourself a key! Write down all locations where you will have an egg (clue) and the final surprise/ easter basket, and number them so that you know the order!

This was our key:

  1. table
  2. BBQ
  3. sandbox
  4. flower pot
  5. hockey net
  6. truck
  7. mailbox
  8. trailer

Step 2:

Number your eggs (so you know where you will be planting them when they are closed up!)

According to our key, we had 7 eggs (the final location has no egg, but the easter basket/surprise), so we numbered from 1 – 7.

Step 3:

Draw out a picture of locations 2-8 on your little squares of paper. You do not need a drawing of location 1. You can just give your child(ren) the first egg, or put it beside their breakfast as we did – how’s that for eating motivation?!

Step 4:

Put your location drawings inside the eggs.

According to our key, this is how we stuffed our eggs:

  1. Inside egg 1 will be a drawing of location 2, the BBQ
  2. Inside egg 2 will be a drawing of location 3, the sandbox
  3. Inside egg 3 will be a drawing of location 4, a flower pot
  4. Inside egg 4 will be a drawing of location 5, a hockey net
  5. Inside egg 5 will be a drawing of location 6, a truck
  6. Inside egg 6 will be a drawing of location 7, the mailbox
  7. Inside egg 7 will be a drawing of location 8, the trailer

Step 5:

Plant the eggs according to the key in step 1! Location 8 is where you put the Easter basket / surprise.

What’s inside our baskets?

I opt for activities and fun distractions over chocolates and candy, but you do you boo! In the baskets last year, our kids found bubbles, play dough, a colouring book, a hatchimal and stickers. This year they will be finding pajamas, swimming goggles, paints, a book and mini nerf guns. Random and inexpensive things that they will go bananas over.

Keep on adventuring!

Scavenger hunt adventures aren’t just for Easter either (obviously). Days can get a little repetitive right now with the state of the world and the stay home advisory. Add some excitement in your week with a random scavenger hunt with your kids (or your spouse?!). While they eat breakfast, plant some clues around your yard (get that fresh air friends!). There honestly doesn’t even have to be a huge surprise or fun thing at the end. Plant a little stuffy at the end and go searching for your lost friend, finding the clues it left behind.

We can’t get out for much adventure right now, so bring the magic of adventure to your home.

Let me know if you incorporate a scavenger hunt adventure in your Easter plans, or during isolation!

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