Cell Salts for Pregnancy

The following blog post will give you information on using cell salts for pregnancy.

Let’s start at the obvious beginning: What are cell salts?

Cell salts are homoeopathically prepared inorganic mineral compounds essential to our cellular health. They’re essential, because our body needs minerals to make use of vitamins. Cell salts are needed for basic functions like nutrition, digestions, toxin removal and tons more.

Dr. Schuessler, who discovered cell salts, states that deficiencies in these minerals are the source of common health problems and complaints, and that the cell salts derived from the minerals give the body what it needs to be well.

The cell salts stimulate the body to help to restore mineral imbalances. Because they are prepared homeopathically and low potency, they are safe for everyone – including pregnant women and their growing babes. This also makes them incredibly easy for the body to absorb.

Cell salts in pregnancy

During pregnancy, a mama’s body is not only carrying out day to day business for itself, but also creating a new life. This places an added burden on her and creates an increased demand for certain cell salts.

Incorporating cell salts will help both mom and babe maintain optimum nutrition and balance the mineral content of the body.

Below I have included a common cell salt protocol for pregnancy, as well as how individual cell salts can help with certain complaints. Pick and choose what suits your needs and deficiencies best.

This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. See my full disclaimer here. In the event of an emergency, always seek the help of your medical doctor, midwife, or head to the emergency room.

cell salt protocol for pregnancy

Below is a common cell salt protocol for pregnancy that was developed (not by me!) for the common pregnant woman. This can be followed exactly. This can also be modified to your own needs. This can just be a starting point!

If, after reading some of the descriptions of the individual cell salts (further down the post), you decide you want to take a certain salt throughout the pregnancy, add a certain one in or take a certain one out, you can! You can modify month by month based on how you’re feeling. Feel free to assemble a protocol to meet your individual needs.

It is recommended, if following the protocol exactly, to take the remedies listed in the 6X potency (strength), 2x per day.

Commonly used cell salts in pregnancy

The following are used in the pregnancy protocol shown above:

Calc fluor

A union of lime and fluoric acid, calc fluor is useful for bones, teeth, connective tissue + elasticity and the blood vessels.

In pregnancy it can be used to:

  • prevent stretch marks
  • prevent varicose veins and hemorrhoids (or help them)
  • prevent prolapse (or help one)
  • support bone health in the growing baby
  • support the oral health of the mother

ferrum phos

Iron phosphate carries oxygen throughout the body and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

In pregnancy it can be used for:

  • anemia, and may help prevent the need for extra iron (though speak with your doctor); this can also be used alongside your iron supplement, should you need one. The Ferr phos can be alternated with Calc phos to help with absorption
  • morning sickness with vomiting that leaves an acid taste in the mouth
  • involuntarily passing urine
  • low energy and easily becoming tired from exertion

mag phos

Magnesium phosphate is used for problems of the nerves and muscles.

In pregnancy it can be used for:

  • cramping and spasms
  • reducing the likelihood of developing heartburn
  • aches and pains, as it is known by some as “homeopathic aspirin.”

nat mur

Sodium chloride supports the nerves and muscles and promotes water balance in the body.

In pregnancy it can be used to:

  • prevent swelling and water retention
  • maintain even blood pressure


Silicea is a cleanser and eliminator.

In pregnancy it can be used for:

  • health of the hair, skin, nails + teeth in the mom
  • strengthening the systems overall of both the babe and mom
  • helping symptoms of constipation

The following cell salts are not in the pregnancy protocol, but ones that you may consider incorporating because of your symptoms or due to their positive effects on a prenatal mama!

calc phos

Phosphate of lime is very important in general nutrition. It is a main constituent in all of the cells and fluids of the body.

In pregnancy it can be used to:

  • assist in normal development of baby
  • assist your body in nutrient absorption from food
  • build up new blood cells (in cases of anemia)
  • help with tiredness that’s accompanied by aching or weakness
  • support bone health in the growing baby
  • support the oral health of the mother

kali phos

Potassium phosphate is a soother of nerves and restores direction and order to the mind and the body.

In pregnancy it can be used for:

  • feelings of nervousness, anxiousness or depression
  • encouraging good bowel health

*Some report that this cell salt is able to shorten labour times and ease pains, if taken every hour once labour has begun.

My experience and that of other physicians is that Kali phos, taken for a month or two prior to the expected time of delivery, will add much to the comfort of the expectant mother. It will build and strengthen the nervous and muscular system to such an extent that delivery will be accomplished, in many cases, with comparative ease and comfort” ~Dr. J. B. C.

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  1. Ria says

    Excited to try this for my 4th pregnancy!
    Do you take just 1 tablet of each 2 times a day or is it what is directed on the bottle?

  2. Mel says

    I noticed that Hylands has all 12 cell salts in a combo pack, and was wondering if that one is beneficial to take during pregnancy and postpartum or is it too much all at once?

    • Jill says

      I use these sometimes as a sort of multi-mineral, but prefer to get specific and use only the ones I need on a regular basis.

  3. M’Liss says

    Do they each need to be taken away from each other or can they be taken at the same time? Away from food also? Thanks so much!

    • Jill says

      At the same time is just fine with cell salts. Away from food is best, but if it means taking them or not – take them whenever!

    • Jill says

      I realize my reply is late, but replying anyways for future women with the same question! I would recommend them in addition to a prenatal vitamin.

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