Once upon a time, before this blog was focussed solely on homeopathy, I sometimes shared food recipes. I've left them here as they're SUPER yummy. And good for you! Food is medicine. Enjoy!

Tuna (or not) Quinoa Salad

This tuna (or not) quinoa salad is perfect for meals on the go, picnics, for when you need to whip something up quick to leave with the babysitter and kids, when you get home from an adventure at suppertime with a hungry crew, or when it’s noon and you’re not sure what to serve for…

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Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

This is not your average shepherd’s pie! This recipe includes ground turkey instead of ground beef found in your typical shepherd’s pie. It is loaded with veggies, including the sweet potato and yam topping. A very delicious comfort food! No guilt ever, because guilt and eating don’t belong together 🙂 As usual, this recipe is…

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Jilly’s Chili

This chili may be one of my favourite meals. It’s easy, it’s super delicious, and EVERYONE LOVES IT. The yams mash into the mix after cooking, and the result is a creamy chili dream. I always chop up kale for the bottoms of the bowls, and then the steamy chili wilts it. Avocado is also…

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Butternut Squash + Carrot Soup with (optional) Sausage

This butternut squash + carrot soup is mouth-watering good. Nourishing + satisfying on a cold winter’s day. Did I mention it’s going to be hovering around -30C in my neck of the woods this week?! That calls for soup everyday in my opinion. Keep warm, friends! This recipe is seriously simple. Add in other veggies…

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