Homeopathy for Broken Bones

Broken bones can happen any time of year, and it’s best to be prepared for when they do! top Homeopathic Remedies broken bones: Use this post to help guide you on how often to take your remedy. aconite For immediately following the injury, if there are feelings of fear and shock. Arnica To decrease pain…

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FIVE Healthy Picnic Meal Ideas

Sick of the traditional picnic = sandwich? Below is a list of five healthy picnic meal ideas that we love and use regularly. Not just for picnics either! They’re great for eating on the go, adventures, camping, road trips and easy meals. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with eating sandwiches at your…

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What I Keep In Our Family’s Natural First Aid Kit

In this blog post I will share what items I keep in our family’s natural first aid kit. Take the ideas to create your own kit with your whole health in mind. Take a look at your current first aid kit and switch out the items that have ingredients that you aren’t comfortable using. What…

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Easter Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a super fun activity for Easter morning? Give this fun + easy easter scavenger hunt adventure a try! Last year was our first year doing a scavenger hunt and the kids had a ridiculous amount of fun, so you better believe it is going to be a yearly thing. This activity is PERFECT…

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How to be a FUN MOM

The background of #funmom Taking you back to a sweet, sweet summertime adventure. We were at Quarry Lake with some good friends. If you’ve been, you know it’s a pretty chilly swimming spot. If you’ve never been, imagine jumping in to an ice bath for a good time (ha, not really, but it’s chilly mountain…

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