Nutritious + Delicious Muffin Tops

These delicious muffin tops have been a staple in our home for several years. I make them probably twice a month, and they are always devoured quickly. They are jam packed with wholesome, nutritious foods and are naturally sweetened with bananas and dates. This is a super flexible recipe. If you don’t have a certain…

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How to Make a SUPERFOOD Latte

Making changes in your life can be intimidating and overwhelming, but these easy upgrades are such a great and easy way to add a boost to your nutrition as you’re probably drinking a cup (or 10, #momlife) of coffee or tea daily! Upgrade your latte to a SUPER latte- easily! These small additions have big…

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How to be a FUN MOM

The background of #funmom Taking you back to a sweet, sweet summertime adventure. We were at Quarry Lake with some good friends. If you’ve been, you know it’s a pretty chilly swimming spot. If you’ve never been, imagine jumping in to an ice bath for a good time (ha, not really, but it’s chilly mountain…

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