abouT Jill

Hi! I’m Jill Giesinger. A professional homeopath specializing in women’s health – from periods to pregnancy, birth, beyond & all the nitty gritty in between. I love helping women feel and function their best and at their highest potential.

I am also a wife & mom of 4. We are our happiest together, outside. And that’s where you can often find us! Hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing – just a few of our favourite things.

My interest in health and wellness, along with a keen desire to help others began at a young age. My first interests were in fitness and nutrition, but after a serious accident in my late teens, my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of alternative medicine, one of those faucets being homeopathy. I entered into my homeopathic training at a young age – in my early 20s. I made the jump from a pre-med degree into the 4 year homeopathy program at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine in Calgary, Alberta. I graduated from that program in Spring of 2014, with a diploma in classical homeopathy & then went right on to complete my certification in classical homeopathy. Since then, I’ve taken various protocol courses, fertility courses, many general homeopathy courses – I love adding to my skillset and learning from the success of the seasoned.

I understand the ups & downs of health. I understand not feeling right but still having to push through to take care of your responsibilities. I understand wanting to be a mother with everything in your being. I understand that there are a lot of forces working against you to be well. But you can get there with homeopathy. With homeopathic remedies we can stimulate your health at the deepest level.

Another passion of mine is education – educating YOU on how to use homeopathy at home. For smaller issues that come up in your own life or to help care for family members. I think that homeopathy has a place in everyone’s home. I love to show the variety of uses each remedy has and I want to help you to feel confident with what to give and when to give it. There’s a lot to learn, but by having a trusted homeopath and fellow mama to look to as your resource I hope to make it easier!

Thanks for being here.

Jill is a registered member of the Alberta Homeopathic Association. RAHom #100