Hi! Welcome to her homeopathy – a space to peak into my life as a Homeopath, wife and mommy to 4 little ones living the natural way of life.

We live in southern Alberta, Canada in a little mountain community – an absolutely breathtaking backyard, full of adventure. We are our happiest together, outside. And that’s where you can often find us! Hiking, mountain biking or throwing rocks in the river – just a few of our favourite things.

I am classical homeopath who, in my clinical practice, specializes in women’s health issues – from periods to pregnancy, birth and beyond. My passion is to help women feel and function their very best, whatever stage they’re in. My private practice is currently closed to new patients, but will be re-opening in Spring 2023 – hop on my waitlist to be the first to know.

Another passion of mine is education – educating YOU on how to use homeopathy at home, for smaller issues that come up in your own life or to help care for family members.

I think that Homeopathy has a place in everyone’s home. It can replace or work alongside so many over the counter meds, is so effective and inexpensive. I want to show the variety of uses each remedy has and I want to help you to feel confident with what to give and when to give it. There’s a lot to learn, but by having a trusted homeopath and fellow mama to look to as your resource I hope to make it easier!

Follow along and start learning!

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